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Auto Loans

Auto Loans
NW Priority Credit Union offers competitive financing* for new, used and refinanced vehicles. If you're in the market for a new or used vehicle, we can help. Our auto loans offer competitive rates and convenient payment terms. *Subject to credit approval

Mortgage Loans

When you are ready to finance your mortgage*, come to NW Priority Credit Union! We are here to help you whether you are buying a new home or want to refinance* your current mortgage for one with a lower rate! We provide all the great benefits you've come to enjoy as a credit union member. To apply for a mortgage loan please Click here

*Subject to credit approval.

Recreational Vehicles

Is it time to play in style with a new boat, motorcycle or RV? Or maybe it’s a Jet Ski or ATV. Whatever your idea of outdoor fun, NWPCU can get you there with a recreational loan*. With our competitive rates and easy process, you can’t go wrong with an NWPCU recreational loan. *Subject to credit approval. Rates

Personal Loans

A personal loan* means you get to choose – take a vacation, grab that new electronic devise you must have, or cover unexpected expenses. With fast approval and low rates, your personal loan is just a phone call or mouse click away. Click here. *Subject to credit approval.

VISA Credit Card

Our VISA Credit Card* will give you the purchasing power you want! In the confusing world of credit cards, there are only a few that stand out and are truly beneficial to have in your wallet. An NWPCU Visa* is a great card to have for all your big purchases, building credit, everyday spending, and balance transfers. With low-interest rates, it's sure to become your card of choice.

Classic VISA VISA Platinum
28-Day Grace Period 28-Day Grace Period
12.9% Annual Percentage Rate 12.9% Annual Percentage Rate
No Cash Advance Fee No Cash Advance Fee
No Transaction Fee No Transaction Fee
No Annual Fee No Annual Fee
ScoreCard Rewards Program

Click here for more rate information.
*Subject to credit approval.

ScoreCard Rewards Program

Our Platinum Credit Card Rewards Program is through ScoreCard.  For every dollar, you spend in purchases with your NWPCU Platinum Card; you’ll earn one Bonus Point.  Accumulated points can be redeemed for merchandise, travel or cash back.  So whether you buy groceries or gas, pay bills, go to the movies or out to dinner, when you pay with your NWPCU Platinum Credit Card, you will earn bonus points!

If you do not have a Platinum VISA Credit Card with us, apply today!

Other Consumer Loans

We are a full service financial institution with a full range of consumer loans to fit your exact needs.

  • New, Used & Refinanced Autos
  • First Mortgage
  • Second Mortgage
  • Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Courtesy Home Equity
  • Personal Line of Credit
  • VISA Classic Credit Card
  • VISA Platinum Credit Card with Rewards
  • Share Secured Loans
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Personal Loans

The National Mortgage Licensing System & Registry

NW Priority Credit Union and its employees that act as Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) must be registered with The National Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) by federal law and regulation. After registration, each MLO receives a Unique Identifier (UI) to identify that employee as a registered MLO. NW Priority Credit Union is pleased to make this information available to you.

NW Priority Credit Union                  NMLS                  803190

Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs)
  • Barbara (Barb) Goodway 805226
  • Christine (Chris) Devillier 1161885
  • Holli Ernst 1677073
  • Jean Shultz 805224
  • Jeffrey (Jeff) Pickett 186633
  • Laurel Myott 701311
  • Monica Dahrens 805225
  • Nancy Chandler 805218
  • Robert Brown 1677522
  • Trevor Sanderson 1677787
  • Mark Turnham 809246
  • Gina Gunderson 516002

For more information about the registry, please visit NMLS at

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