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Verified by Visa

Get an extra layer of security when you shop online. In addition to our other ways of preventing, detecting, and resolving fraud, we offer Verified by Visa, a free, simple-to-use service that confirms your identity with an extra password when you make an online transaction. You can activate your NWPCU VISA Debit Card and your NWPCU VISA Credit Card.

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Quick Teller

Quick Teller is our Audio Response System. Simply call 503-760-8061 and access your account information. To take advantage of this service:

  • Call Quick Teller
  • Press 2
  • The system will guide you through the activation process

Wire Transfers

A wire transfer is a quick, efficient way to move funds electronically from one financial institution to another. Immediate credit is given for wire transfers once the credit union receives the wire. NW Priority CU can wire money to any financial institution or Western Union Office. We are also able to receive wire transfers.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is an electronic deposit of your paycheck, pension, annuities, dividends, Social Security benefits, or other reoccurring deposits to your savings or checking account. You will have immediate access to your money the day you get paid; you will not have to make the trip to deposit your check.

Auto Solution Auto Brokerage Service

Auto Solution is the auto brokerage service used by NW Priority Credit Union. Dealing with Auto Solution, through NW Priority CU, is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Contact NWPCU and get your pre-approval.
  2. Call or visit Auto Solution (located at the main branch of NWPCU) and tell them the make and model of the vehicle you are interested in purchasing.
  3. Pick up your new vehicle; it's as simple as that.

Auto Solution will make every effort to locate your new or used vehicle and get back to you with a price. No hassle, no negotiation, just one quick low price. Remember Auto Solution can handle your trade-in. Call Auto Solution at 503-760-5304, extention 229 or 800-331-0968 and your dream car is only hours away.

Auto Solution and NW Priority Credit Union make car buying fun again. 

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