1. APPOINTMENTS PREFERRED: Call 503-760-5304 to set up an appointment.
  2. IF YOU FEEL SICK, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER. Return to your car and call us at 503-760-5304. We will gladly serve you curbside if necessary.
    • Temperature test anyone entering the building. If your temperature is above 99.5, we will ask you to leave the building and we will assist you curbside.
    • Deny entry to anyone displaying signs of sickness or refusing to have their temperature checked.
  4. MASKS & GLOVES: Employees will likely be wearing masks and gloves.
  5. FACE COVERINGS: We recommend you wear a face covering while you bank with us.
  6. GERM SHIELDS: Were installed to keep a shield between you and the employee.
  7. RESPECT SOCIAL DISTANCING: Remain on the marked areas to ensure social distancing (6 ft).
  8. MINIMIZE what you touch in the offices.
  9. LOBBY OCCUPANCY: We reserve the right to limit the number of persons who may be in our lobbies. NWPCU members will be the only people allowed into the branch.
    • Beaverton, Milwaukie, Vancouver – Two (2) to Three (3) members at a time can be in the lobby. Depending on how many employees we have in the office at any given time.
    • Main Office – Five (5) members at one time can be in the lobby.
  10. PLEASE BE PATIENT: We are taking extra effort to ensure a safe work environment for our employees and members. Our cleaning efforts will add a little time to your transaction.
    • Deposits: Mobile Deposits (call Electronic Services to set up, 503-760-5304), Night Drop, ATM’s, or Drive-up
    • Transfer Funds: Drive-up, Online Banking, Mobile App or by calling
    • Make Loan Payments: Drive-up, Online Banking,  Mobile App or by calling
    • Check Balances: Online Banking, Mobile App or by calling
    • Review All of Your Posted Transactions: Online Banking or Mobile App
    • Apply for Loan: Website (nwprioritycu.org) Online Banking, Mobile App or calling

As of right now, we cannot tell you when we will move from this phase. Watching what is happening in our communities and following local government guidelines is how we will proceed. We will always do our best to give you advance notice of any changes.

Thank you for your patience and trust as we continue to make this transition.