Just $5 into a savings account establishes your lifetime membership.


Your opening deposit of $5 or more into a NW Priority Credit Union Savings account not only establishes your lifetime membership, it also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of additional NW Priority Credit Union financial services.

  • Minimum opening deposit $5.
  • ATM card available.
  • You will earn the Money Market rate on balances over $5,000. All savings below $5,000 will earn the Regular Savings rate.

Lenny the Lion Children’s Savers Club

  • This special club is for children 12 and under
  • When you become a member of Lenny’s Club you will get a chance to participate in all of our fun events:
    • The Lenny the Lion Easter Egg Hunt
    • Youth Week
    • Halloween Dress-up week at the Credit Union
    • Santa Party where you will get your picture taken with Santa
  • School aged children can earn money for top grades with Earn While You Learn
  • Plus, your child will receive a birthday card from Lenny!
  • Minimum opening deposit $5

InvesTeen Accounts

The InvesTeen accounts are great ways to help teens grow into financial maturity.

  • Free Checking
  • Savings
  • Small Loans
  • Student scholarship opportunities
  • Earn While You Learn

Contact us for more information about all the accounts your teen may be eligible for.

“Earn While You Learn” Program

We are proud to offer our young members the opportunity to be rewarded for their excellent grades! “Earn While You Learn” Program – Get an “A”, Get a Buck! To qualify, the student must be the primary member of NW Priority Credit Union and enrolled in Kindergarten thru 12th grade. To see more details and sign up download the pdf form.

Download PDF form

Term Share

NW Priority CU offers Term Share's from 6 month to 3 years with as little as $500.00. With these Term Share accounts your rate is fixed and is determined by the term you select.

See Terms and Rates

Christmas/Tax Account

Need some extra money for Christmas or taxes? Payroll deduction is an easy and painless way to deposit into your Christmas/Tax Account. You will receive:

  • Higher rate and there is no minimum balance required.
  • The rate is set annually. On November 1st your Christmas/Tax Account funds will be transferred to your savings account and available for your use.
  • You may also access your Christmas/Tax Account in April for income taxes without penalty.
  • There is a $10 early withdrawal fee as an incentive to save.


How would you like to invest tax-sheltered money for your retirement years, while reducing your current income tax? An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can be one of the best retirement savings vehicles available to you - even if you are already contributing to a retirement program through your employer (please consult a tax advisor).

NW Priority CU offers a daily IRA Account and IRA Term Share/CD Accounts. The daily IRA account dividends are compounded and credited monthly and the rate is set monthly. The rate on your Term Share/CD account is fixed and is determined at the time you invest. 

See Terms and Rates