Savings Accounts

Just $5 into a savings account sparks a lifetime of membership.

Savings Accounts

Just $5 into a savings account sparks a lifetime of membership.

If you succeed, so do we. So we’ve created savings accounts that work for every stage of your life — and guide you at every step of the way.

To open a new Savings Account, choose the most convenient for you.

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Share Savings Account

Start Saving With The Credit Union

Our regular share savings account is the first account every member gets. An opening deposit of just five bucks makes it painless to start saving – and you earn more interest than the national average.

  • Minimum opening deposit $5
  • Easy access to your money whenever you want
  • Automatically earn the higher Money Market rate on balances over $5,000

Select Savings Account

Save For Your Next Goal

Saving up for something specific like a car, vacation, or home improvement? The Select Savings Account helps you save – and pivot when you need.

  • No minimum opening deposit
  • May earn a higher interest rate than regular share savings account
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IRA Accounts

Build Up Retirement Funds

Save for a comfortable retirement and reduce your current income tax. ​​An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a form of retirement plan that offers certain tax advantages. It can be one of the best retirement savings vehicles available to you – even if you are already contributing to a retirement program through your employer (please consult a tax advisor).

NWPCU offers a daily IRA Account and IRA Term Share/CD Accounts. The daily IRA account dividends are compounded and credited monthly and the rate is set monthly. The rate on your Term Share/CD account is fixed and is determined at the time you invest. 

Christmas / Tax Savings

Save For Holiday Or Tax Season

Put away money throughout the year using payroll deduction, and the funds you’ve saved automatically transfer into your regular savings account on November 1st.

  • No minimum balance or deposit required
  • Higher rates than a regular savings account
  • Access your Christmas/Tax Account in April for income taxes without penalty
  • $9,000 maximum deposit limitation per year
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